“One Belt One Road” and “China Go Global” Initiatives

Sloane Financial: Banking Executive Search and Executive Recruitment

The Sloane Financial Executive Search team identifies client needs, decides on search methodology, and evaluate sources, networks, prospects and candidates. We exchange opinions with targets, present the best fit candidate and conclude the search with the best acceptable terms for our client. We follow up until the candidates are onboard.

Sloane Financial: Team Composition and Formation

Sloane Financial Executive Search provides organizational insight on restructuring, manpower, reward and compensation strategies, as well as insights on governance and recruitment plans to improve and enhance leadership efficiencies and development.

Sloane Financial: Change Management and Leadership Advisory

Change advisory includes support for issues ranging from culture, leadership, to merger and acquisition management. Sloane Financial provides custom organizational leadership projects for clients looking to grow, improve, rejuvenate and transform.

Sloane Asia Group • Banking & Financial Services Workforce Management Services

Sloane Asia Group’s mission is to assist banking clients in the execution of their growth plans by sourcing suitable specialist professionals. These groups of highly skilled banking and financial managers are recruited by Sloane Manhattan banking & finance managers recruitment team.